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The resources below will help you connect to a local community organization working with homeless veterans, in addition to informing you of other ways to volunteer your unique skills and resources. 


National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)
Locate a community-based organization in your area that directly serves homeless veterans and see how you can help meet their needs. NCHV can also assist you in developing an employee volunteer program or executive-loan program to assist your local service-provider.

How can volunteering and donations help my bottom line?
  • Donation programs can enhance a business’s corporate image and attract new talent, customers, and investors. Also, media coverage of product donation programs is an affordable method to compliment current marketing strategies.
  • Employees demonstrate greater commitment to employers they view as socially responsible. Research has shown that employees which identify with their employers have higher attendance, lower turnover, and higher workplace performance.
  • Governments have been shown to support socially responsible businesses with faster tracking of zoning and building plans, as well as reduced EPA and OSHA citations.
Source: Ross, Justin M. & McGiverin-Bohan, Kellie L. (2012). The Business Case for Product Philanthropy. Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Stand Down
Stand Down offers a chance for homeless veterans to enjoy warm meals, receive medical and dental care, obtain personal necessity kits, and enjoy the camaraderie of friends in a safe environment. The program brings all services to one location, making them more accessible to homeless veterans. Through monetary and in-kind donations, you can directly help homeless veterans in your community. Find the closest Stand Down to your area here.

Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV)
Skills-based volunteering leverages your specialized skills and talents to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits, helping them build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their missions. This innovative approach takes advantage of individuals’ skills and experience to help service organizations build and sustain their capacity.

A Billion + Change
A Billion + Change logoLed by the Corporation for National and Community Service, A Billion + Change is the three-year campaign designed to put the expertise of the corporate sector to work on solving our most critical social problems. In collaboration with Taproot Foundation, the Corporation’s goal is to recruit businesses in achieving pledges of $1billion of skills-based volunteer work through their employee volunteer programs.

VolunteerMatch – How Companies Benefit from Employee Volunteer Programs
Brief synopsis on how employee volunteer programs can benefit your business, your employees, and your community. Additional studies and resources are also provided.

American Corporate Partners (ACP)
ACP connects U.S. veterans to business leaders through two free programs: an online network offering business advice and a nationwide mentoring program. Check to see if your company participates and how you can sign-up.

Good360Good360 logo
Good360 accepts new corporate product donations that can be used by a network of nonprofits. The organization helps create corporate, nonprofit and environmental “win-win” outcomes for unsold products and excess inventory. New research from Indiana University proves the business case for product giving. Contact us to learn more about this unique business opportunity to serve our homeless veterans.

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