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The Sacrifice of the Few | Knowledge | Corporate Connection

military participation graphThere are currently 21.6 million veterans in this country, 2.4 million of which have served since 9/11 – representing 0.5% of the total U.S. population. After the military waived the draft in 1972, the gap between military service and the civilian sector has increased exponentially. In 1970, one in ten people working in America had served in the military. Today it is one in 250. As the civilian sector steadily lacks associations with those who serve in America’s military, an understandable knowledge gap has emerged between the two sectors.

Additionally, for those veterans fighting homelessness or standing on the precipice, this gap can seem even greater. Veterans continue to be over-represented among the homeless population and historically have found difficulties receiving the help they need and deserve. However, past trends are changing and resources and outlets for assistance have been increasing.

Nevertheless, to reach this country’s goal of ending veteran homelessness, a key will be to begin to close this knowledge and culture gap that exists between the civilian and military sectors. This starts with understanding the unique culture and background  the military fosters – which leads to excellent life and work skills  – and taking small steps to reach out.



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