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Access to public housing stands as a major barrier to many of our nation’s homeless veterans. This type of housing tends to favor single parents with dependent children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities over veterans without an obvious substance abuse, mental illness, or other disability.

The vast majority of homeless veterans are single males with no dependents. This demographic represents 92 percent of the homeless veteran population. Exacerbating the challenge faced by housing currently homeless veterans, an additional 1.4 million veterans live in poverty – the highest risk of homelessness of any demographic.

This template will provide proven strategies for facilitating property acquisition of foreclosed and vacant single-family housing units and outline resources that can be leveraged to facilitate, support, and maintain permanent housing for homeless veterans.

The resources and information contained will benefit nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses. In the following pages, the template will guide organizations through finding possible partnerships and local available housing, how to leverage community assets both within the veteran community and from mainstream providers, outline next steps and highlight case studies and resources for additional assistance.

NCHV believes local solutions will be able to solve these larger problems and aims for this template to serve as a catalyst for continued success in the campaign to end veteran homelessness.

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