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This section will highlight important housing reports, housing data and information from across the country, and organizations and other institutions that will help in your efforts to house homeless veterans.

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Find Your Local Public Housing Agency (PHA)
Contact your local PHA to learn more about affordable housing in your area, make the case for veteran representation within mainstream housing programs, and how you can work more closely with your local PHA.

The Home Depot Foundation
The Home Depot Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of The Home Depot. Through partnerships with local nonprofits and the volunteer efforts of Team Depot, the Foundation focuses on repairing and refurbishing homes and facilities that serve disadvantaged families and individuals. In 2011, the Foundation announced a three-year $30 million initiative to address the housing needs of veterans, committing an additional $50 million over the next three years in an effort to ensure every veteran has a safe place to call home.

HOME Program
HOME is the largest Federal block grant to State and local governments designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households.

HUD’s Competitively Awarded Homeless Programs (Continuum of Care)
Continuums of Care were created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to allocate HUD homeless assistance grants to organizations that participate in local homeless assistance program planning networks.

HUD's 2011 Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Programs – Housing Inventory Chart Report (PDF)
This report is based on information provided to HUD by Continuums of Care in the 2011 Continuum of Care application. It includes data on a national and state level with information on emergency, safe haven, and transitional housing, plus permanent supportive housing.

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Housing Assistance Council
The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) has been helping local organizations build affordable homes in rural America since 1971. HAC emphasizes local solutions, empowerment of the poor, reduced dependence, and self-help strategies. HAC assists in the development of both single- and multi-family homes and promotes homeownership for working low-income rural families through a self-help, "sweat equity" construction method. The Housing Assistance Council offers services to public, nonprofit, and private organizations throughout the rural United States.

National Community Stabilization Trust (Stabilization Trust) | Fact Sheet (PDF)
The Stabilization Trust is a national nonprofit organization working with the nation’s largest financial institutions and local housing providers across the U.S. to reclaim neighborhoods hard hit by high levels of foreclosure and abandonment. The Stabilization Trust supports the stabilization of distressed neighborhoods by ensuring local housing providers have the right tools to transform empty, foreclosed properties into community assets that increase the stock of affordable ownership and rental housing for working families.

National Mortgage Loan Servicers: Web Links and Contact Information
List of mortgage loan providers with website and contact information throughout the United States.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) | Fact Sheet (PDF)
The Department of Housing and Urban Development created NSP, driven by $7 billion in federal funds, to address the recent economic and foreclosure crisis. NPS has re-invigorated the Community Development movement, resulting in thousands of nonprofit organizations that are using sources of public, private and philanthropic capital to remediate foreclosed properties.

REO and Vacant Properties: Strategies for Neighborhood Stabilization (PDF)
A Joint Publication of the Federal Reserve Banks of Boston and Cleveland and the Federal Reserve Board.

US Department of Agriculture Rural Development | Housing and Community Assistance
Housing and Community Facilities Programs helps rural communities and individuals by providing loans and grants for housing and community facilities. Funding is available for single family homes, apartments for low-income persons or the elderly, housing for farm laborers, childcare centers, fire and police stations, hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, schools, and much more.

100,000 Homes Campaign
The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement of communities working together to find permanent homes for 100,000 of the country’s most vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals and families.

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Converting Foreclosed and Vacant Properties to Support Homeless Veterans: Single-Housing-Unit Template
The template provides proven strategies for facilitating property acquisition of single-family units and resources from the community that can be leveraged to facilitate, support, and maintain permanent housing placement for homeless veterans.

2011 Veteran Access to Housing Summit Report
On July 27, 2011, The Home Depot Foundation and NCHV, in coordination with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), hosted a historic conference focused exclusively on veterans’ access to housing. The report is offered as a tool to help local planning authorities and service providers consider effective, innovative and practical strategies to rapidly increase the availability of permanent housing options to end and prevent veteran homelessness in their communities.

Volume I (PDF)
Includes the executive summary, list of summit participants, and in-depth overviews of each work session.
Volume II (PDF)
Features select program overviews from summit participants, divided by four sections: Multifamily Housing, Foreclosed and Abandoned Properties, Transition in Place, and Philanthropy and Business Partnerships.
Volume III (PDF)
Contains supplemental program materials from summit participants.

2012 Veteran Access to Housing Summit Presentations
Highlights from the 2012 Veteran Access to Housing Summit, hosted by the Home Depot Foundation, Citi, and NCHV.

Best Practices for HVRP Grantees: Housing Services
One of the core services to help organizations reach employment goals is access to appropriate and progressive housing alternatives that meet the needs of the veteran. HVRP grantees recognize the reciprocal, beneficial relationship between employment and housing for veterans participating in their programs. Participants must have access to affordable housing that meets their specific needs, and grantees meet this need by staying informed of all opportunities and changes in housing resources from VA, other agencies, and the philanthropy community. This guide provides best practices in providing housing services to HVRP participants.

Foreclosure Rate Map - RealtyTrac

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